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Modern Billing

Most law firms use the traditional method of billing the client hourly. However, this billing method is far from perfect, as the article "The Billable Hour Must Die" by Scott Turow in the August 2007 issue of The ABA Journal elegantly explains.

The Lattman Law Firm bills on a flat-fee basis whenever possible. The client enjoys significant benefits from this, for example: 1) predictable bills without surprises; 2) no nickel and diming for "expenses"- all of your copies, couriers, transportation costs etc. are included; 3) no conflict of interest- The Lattman Law Firm has an incentive to resolve your matter quickly and competently, instead of drawing it out to make more money. But rest assured, the Firm will devote as much time as necessary to resolve your matter as favorably as possible.

In some cases, particularly litigation cases where the Firm collaborates with other counsel, flat-fee billing is unfortunately not possible.  In these cases, the Firm makes every effort to keep costs down and passes all expenses through to the client at cost.